Aurum is committed to the law compliance where it conducts its business. Aurum stresses the import of business ethics and maintains high labor as well as environment standards.

Aurum recognizes corporate' s indispensable role in environment governance and pursues a greener environment practices.

Aurum complies with the domestic labor law and honors employees' rights and welfare.

Conflict Minerals Statement

Aurum has upheld finest standards on corporate social responsibilities and human rights, and much appreciate the worldwide concerted efforts on global supply management of tin, tantalum, tungsten, their mineral derivatives and gold.

Aurum' s suppliers are expected to adhere by the conflict minerals policies widely adopted by the international communities, refraining from the use of conflict minerals and establishing corresponding frameworks.

Aurum would never knowingly use or trade any conflict mineral contained products, and would keep on supporting the international cause in tackling human rights abuses.

Restrictions of Hazardous Substances Policy

Aurum is committed to an eco-friendly, green and sustainable environment, and champions any initiatives and directives aiming at a greener future.

Aurum has complied with RoHS and RoHS 2 issued by the European Union, ensuring our products free from the hazardous substances listed in the directives, echoing the ubiquitous cause for sustainable development.



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