Founded in 2010, Aurum International Ltd. is created through the restructuring of Aurum Technologies, which boasted a 20-year experience in the electronics industry.

For over twenty years, we've been dedicated to delivering reliable frequency control solutions. Our major portfolio encompass crystal unit, oscillator, VCXO and TCXO, widely applied in computer, mobile phone, wired and wireless devices and vehicles.

In recent years, we've dabbled and dove further into the passive component market, and have since provided products including resistors, inductors, capacitors and MOSFET, to name a few, to our clients.

We've rooted and based in Taiwan with two decades gone by. Aurum International Ltd. will go on honoring our commitments to our clients, providing stellar products and timely, sturdy services.



1995Aurum Technologies Inc. founded

1996Decided a business focus on quartz components

1997Moved HQ to Sangmin Road, Taipei

1998Expanding business in GPS market

2001Built Aurum' s own MIS

2001Started Beijin office

2002Started offices in Soochow and Dongguan

2003Business soared as purchases abroad flocked

2004Moved HQ to Neihu Technology Park

2008Started office in Shanghai

2010Restructured as Aurum International

2013Introduced ERP to company operation

2014Moved HQ to Xing' Ai Road

2018Built the R&D team delving into smart office/home appliances



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