In the telecom market, Aurum' s focus is on bluetooth applications and radio frequency identification, while in industrial PCs our products are widely adopted.

Telecom technologies are being renovated in paces almost faster than we could keep up. Texts and images are playing no lesser roles than voices, yet the gist remains unchanged: Telecom products are about synchronization for the network to deliver the speed and reliability, where resonator and oscillator products have indispensable to shoulder.

In the information society, Aurum continues rendering service to the broader telecom industry.

Internet of Things

The concept “Internet of Things” is a relatively new idea, yet many of its applications has already pervaded amongst our daily lives. We could see electronic shelf tags in convenient stores got the inventory updated in real time, while embedded systems are basically everywhere, ranging from automobiles, mobile phones and a large assortment of home appliances.

To have the Things talk with one another on the Internet, resonator and oscillator products are still relevant and vital. Aurum will commit itself delving into this booming market.

Global Positioning System

Steady rise of smart devices and vehicles deploying positioning system are expected to boost the global positioning market further, and a wide range of e-hailing service make sure to have harnessed the positioning system to their edges, where oscillators play key part in enabling system to locate, track and obtain satellite signals accurately.

Aurum continue on refining products, supplying the consumer market on positioning system, where, in particular, precision and consistency matter.

Industrial PC

Industrial PC, compared with the consumer ones, most likely have wider operating temperature range, and have to operate under great stability. Aurum provides a wide variety of choices catering to industry demand, where our expertise in having our parts working with precision and stability under extreme temperatures excels.

With IoT considered a boost to the Industrial PC market, we are at your service.



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